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Playworld Withdrawal Methods

[Withdrawal method]
  1. Click [User Center] on the left side of the home page.

  2. Click [Finance Service].

  3. Enter the withdrawal screen.

  4. Click [Link payment account].

  5. Select the third-party payment account you want to link.

  6. Enter your account information.

  7. Click [Send].

  8. Return to the [Finance Service] Withdrawal screen and select the linked payment account.

  9. Enter [Payment Password].
    *The payment password can be set from [Change payment password] in [Account settings].

  10. Enter the withdrawal amount.

  11. Click [Send] to complete the withdrawal request.
    *You will need to submit KYC when withdrawing money, so please refer to [Required Documents for Withdrawal (KYC)].

​Deposit methodherePlease refer to the.

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