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Playworld deposit method

【Payment method】
  1. Click [User Center] on the left side of the home page.

  2. Click [Finance Service].

  3. Enter the deposit screen.

  4. Select the deposit method you plan to use.

  5. Please operate according to the procedure.

  6. Click [Send] to complete the payment application.


[Credit deposit examination]

When depositing by credit card, it is necessary to complete the registration of [identity verification documents (KYC)] and [credit card image].

  • The information you need is

  1. Nominee

  2. card number

  3. date of expiry

  4. signature of the person

  • For the credit card image, cover the following two places with a sticky note, etc., and take a picture of the front and back of the card. *Please do not edit with image processing software. Also, it is necessary to take a picture with a piece of paper that says "For Playworld authentication".

  1. Front: 6 digits in the middle (Example: 123456●●●●●●1234)

  2. Back side: CVV number

​How to withdrawherePlease refer to the.

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